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Dubond's AAC Block Adhesive is a versatile thin jointing material for laying AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks etc. The product is specially designed to provide higher bonding as a result of higher tensile adhesion strength. AAC Block Adhesive is pre-mixed, easy to apply high quality mortar comprising of cement, graded sand and admixtures. AAC Block Adhesive replaces conventional jointing mortar of 12-18 mm thickness with highly versatile 3-5 mm thickness. Dubond's AAC Block Adhesive helps to speed up the build process and achieve the required insulation performance of AAC Blocks for the buildings. AAC Block Adhesive (Thin joint masonry) is a fast, clean, accurate system for construction using autoclaved aerated concrete blocks of close dimensional tolerance with 2mm - 3mm mortar joints.

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Areas of Application

Laying and jointing of fly ash bricks, cement blocks, hollow blocks, AAC blocks etc

Jointing of pre-stressed concrete slabs, panels

Parapet walls

Jointing of cement window and door frames

Garden and boundary walls

Features & Benefits

Thin jointing material with very high adhesion strength

Pre-mixed and ready-to-use. Only water is to be mixed at site

Economical. Eliminates lengthy and cumbersome processes of site mixing, thus transport and storage of all individual materials is avoided

Easy to mix and much faster application

Thin layer application results in structure being compact

No water curing is required after application

Minimizes the undulation of the surface

Being a thin layer, chances of water percolation is negligible

Being premixed, it saves considerable time and labour

Ready for subsequent application like plastering just after 24 hours of application Eco-friendly product

Raw materials are processed, reducing the chances of efflorescence

Usage Instruction

Surface Preparation

  • The base surface should be properly cured prior to application of AAC Block Adhesive
  • The surface must be cleaned thoroughly, with no loose particles or dust
  • The surface must be structurally sound, clean and free from dirt, oil, grease, efflorescence and any other
  • contaminant which could impair the natural bond
  • Surface defects such as cracks, holes or voids should be repaired prior to application


  • It is very important that AAC Block Adhesive is mixed with water properly and thoroughly before use
  • It is advisable to use a mechanical stirrer for uniform and thorough mixing to save time, labour and for maximum workability
  • Take a clean vessel/bucket, add water to it and put required quantity of AAC Block Adhesive in it
  • Mixing Ratio - Clean potable water (approximately 25%-30%) of the weight of the powder is required to be mixed depending upon the thickness of the product to be applied. Water is to be incrementally added in stages to get a smooth, uniform and workable mix. Allow ample of time for initial mixing
  • Ensure that no powder is left unmixed at the bottom of the vessel. The AAC Block Adhesive is now ready for application

Application Procedure

  • Layout the wall in which AAC Block Adhesive is to be used and mark openings like door, windows, any architectural appurtenances etc
  • Put a thin layer of AAC Block Adhesive in the thickness of 3 to 5mm on the clean and leveled surface using proper trowel on which the block work is to be carried out
  • Place the block on the laid AAC Block Adhesive in proper line and level
  • After placing the first block apply the AAC Block Adhesive of same thickness on both the sides of the block continuously keeping a check on the line and level
  • Clean the excess material, if any immediately. Continue the procedure for the entire block work


Du Lastik is ready-to-use and does not need any preparation. In any case, before use it is advisable to remix the product well inside the container to ensure the mixture is of an even consistency. The high thixotropy of Du Lastik means it can also be used on walls. Any excess adhesive can be kept for later use by putting the lid back on the container.

Technical Information

Test Method (IS 15477:2004)

Appearance Free Flowing Powder Dubond Lab
Color Grey Dubond Lab
Water Demand 25 to 30% Dubond Lab
Open Time 30 Min Dubond Lab
Adjustability 45 Min Dubond Lab
Hard Dry 24 Hours Dubond Lab
Self Curing Yes
(No Additional water curing is required)
Dubond Lab

Tensile Adhesive Strength

14 Days Normal Lab Condition 1.50 K.N. Dubond Lab
07 Days Under Normal Lab Condition    
Followed by 7 Days Immersion in water 2.27 K.N. Dubond Lab

Shear Adhesive Strength

24 Hrs Dry Normal Laboratory Condition 14.75 K.N. Dubond Lab
14 Days Under Normal Lab Condition 24.00 K.N. Dubond Lab
Adhesion After Water Immersion 21.30 K.N. Dubond Lab
Adhesion After Heat Agening 22.90 K.N. Dubond Lab
Adhesion After Freeze thaw Cycles 21.00 K.N. Dubond Lab

Other Information


  • Though it contains non-toxic materials but still care should be taken to avoid dust inhalation while mixing and handling. In case of contact with eyes or mouth, wash with plenty of clean water
  • Keep it in a safe dry place which is out of reach of children
  • Persons who are allergic to cement should take proper precautions before use


  • Under normal conditions the coverage of Dubond's AAC Block Adhesive is approx. 11.15 sq. mtr. with average thickness of 3mm for a bag of 40 kgs. The coverage area however will depend upon the quality of the substrate and thickness of the material used
  • For best results, proper tools for mixing and application is advised which will result in higher coverage, savings in time and manpower


40kg PP laminated bags

Storage/Shelf life

Dubond's AAC Block Adhesive should be stored in a dry place. Shelf life is 6 months.

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