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Prime Putty

Acrylic Resin Based Plaster Putty For Interior & Exterior

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Dubond acrylic prime putty is an acrylic resin base plaster putty for interior & exterior. the acrylic emulsion based high solids quick drying putty which can be applied by putty knife without cracking, provided excessive thicknesses is not applied in one application.High performance acrylic putty for interior & exterior. Dubond Acrylic Prime Putty is a composite of Ultra fine minerals, biocides, corrosion inhibitors, additives, adhesives and organic binder which are specially formulated in house.

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Areas of Application

Ideal for Filling Minor Dents and Other Irregularities on Substrates Such as Plasters, Concrete Building Boards, Plywood Etc

Can Be Used for Outdoor as Well as Indoor Applications

Sealing Cracks in Plasters,concretes, Brickwork and Gaps Around Penetrations (Doors, Windows, Piping/conduits, Etc)

Features & Benefits

Excellent Adhesion to Variety of Surfaces Such as Concrete, Masonry, Wood, Metals Etc

Excellent Ability to Take Differential Thermal Expansions of Dis Similar Materials

Good Ultra Violet and Heat Resistance

Easy in Use

Water Based

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