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Dubond’s DU FIX is quartz based tile adhesive that has excellent results for high resistance laying of ceramic title on floor, walls on cement based substrates. It is workable upto 10 mm thickness and the formulation ensures optimum performance for tile setter. It is absolutely reliable and has its base in superiority of its conception

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One pack adhesive, just add water

Frost free

Water resistant

Long open time

Proven Performance



Cement Terrazzo

Brick Masonry

Old Ceramics floors

Cement Plaster

Surface Preparation

All Surfaces should be clean and free from oil, grease and all dart. Dry dusty concrete slabs or masonry Should be dampened and excess Water swept off. Be ensure for that the base is sufficiently flat to permit the specified flatness of finished tiling, bearing in mind the permissible minimum and maximum thickness of the bedding material.


Add DU FIX adhesive to clean water and mix it until a homogeneous lump - free mixture which obtain. Recommended water to adhesive is 280 /o to 30%. Avoid less or excess water. Advisable touse slow speed blander. To increase adhesion and flexibility add “Tuffex AD" admixture to impart flexibility - enhance adhesion and durability and reduce water permeability.


Do not add lime or cement to the product. Wear arespirator in dusty areas. Avoid breathing dust. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, Incase of contact wash with plenty of water. During coldweather or in a high humidity, protect finished work from traffic until fully cured.

Technical Information

Test Test Method Result
Tensile Adhesive Strength 14 Day Dry IS 15477: 2004 0.750 KN Minimum 01.240 KN
Tensile Adhesive Strength 7 Day +7 Day Wet IS 15477 : 2004 0.450 KN Minimum 00.800 KN
Shear Adhesive Strength 14 Day Dry IS 15477 : 2004 08:00 KN Minimum 09.90 KN
Shear Adhesive Strength 7 Day + 7 Day Wet IS 15477 : 2004 04:00 KN Minimum 06.90 KN
Shear Adhesive Strength 7 Day + 7 Day Heat IS 15477: 2004 04:00 KN Minimum 05.50 KN
Compressive strength IS 4456{1):1967 34.00 KN 13.60 N/mm2
Water Mixing ratio DUBOND Lab Method 28% to 30%
Pot life DUBOND Lab Method 5 Hrs
Density Wt/Vol. (Gm/Cm3) DUBOND Lab Method 01.70
Open Time IS 15477:2004 20 minutes
Adjustability IS 15477:2004 35 minutes
  • Specifications are subjected to change without notice.
  • Results shown are typical but reflect test procedure used.
  • Actual field performance will be depend upon installation methods and site/substrates conditions.

Other Information


Clean tools and tile work with water while adhesive is fresh.


20 kg bags




65 sq. ft. per 20 kg bag

In 6mm x 6mm square notch trowel

Storage & Shelf Life

Factory sealed packed bags are of Iyear if stored off the ground in a dry area. High humidity will reduce the shelf life of bagged products.

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