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Du Grip

Water Based Adhesion Promoter

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Dubond's DU Grip is a single part, engineered water based adhesion promoter that develops high, constant levels of performance in non absorbent substrates, compact absorbent substrates, floor in ceramic concretes and residual traces of vinyl adhesives. Du Grip has low i.e. Micro film forming temperature (m.f.f.t.), with advantages over two component adhesion promotes which are found inconsistent at site, suitable only for a specific temperature range and are harmful to the applying professional.

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Areas of Application

Fluid, Mineral Mortars

Mineral Adhesives

Mineral Finishing, Levelling and Self-Levelling Products with Normal, Rapid and Extra-Rapid Setting

Fluid Mortars

Cement-Based Adhesives


Flooring in Ceramic, Marble-Floor Tiles and Natural Stone

Flooring in Concrete Smoothed with Circular Grinding Machinery

Compact and Smooth Cement-based Screeds

Prefabricated Concrete and Fresh Concrete Castings

Wooden Panellings

Hardwood Floors

Substrates in Metal on Rigid Supporting Surfaces

Flooring with Residual Traces of Resin-base Adhesives

Flooring in Epoxy Resin


Rigid PVC Coatings

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