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DU Level 30

Fast Drying & Hardening Leveling Thixotropic

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Dubond's DU LEVEL 30 is a thixotopic leveling product with characteristics of high pace hardening and drying, and best for irregular non planer substrates correcting up to 30 mm thicknesses on floors and walls. Its high qualities of thixotropizing polymers are resistant are resistant to an alkali environment and balance, before lying of ceramic , homogenous tiles , naturalstones , parquest and resilient materials.

It is a high fluid, self-leveling product of high dispersing effect (HDE) technology that creates perfectly plane substrate. The substrate has extra rapid hardening and self leveling which lives with rheological fluidity and dynamism.

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Areas of Application

DU Level 30 is suitable for internal uses for high resistance correcting (1mm to 30mm) of irregular and undulated substrates to be made ready for ceramics, homogeneous tiles, marbles parquet and resilient materials.

Features & Benefits

Excellent Self-Leveling Capacity

Fast Hardening and Drying Time

High Mechanical Flexural and Compressive Strength

High Bond Strength on Conventional Cementitious Substrates

No Shrinkage

Excellent Abrasion Resistance

Thicknesses Up To 10mm


Prepare DU Level 30 in a clean container, first of all pouring in a quantity of water equal to approximately. of that which will be required. Gradually add DU Level 30to the water in the container mixing the paste with a low-rotation ( 400/min.). Then add more water until a fluid, homogeneous, lump-free mortar is obtained. For best results and to mix larger quantities of self-levelling product, a stirring device with vertical blades and slow rotation is recommended. Specific polymers with high- dispersion properties ensure that DU Level 30 is immediately ready for use. The amount of water indicated on the packaging is an approximate value. DU Level 30 features a high degree of self-levelling capacity. Adding extra water does not improve the workability of the product, and may cause shrinkage in the plastic phase of drying and result in less effective final performance with a reduction in surface hardness, compressive strength and adhesion to the substrate

Method of Application

Dubond DU Level 30 is generally applied with a smooth spreader or blade. Application with plaster pumps allows the user to very quickly achieve homogeneous, high-thickness correction of large continuous surfaces.

It is advisable to press down hard with the spreader during application so as to regulate the absorption of water and obtain maximum adhesion to the substrate, after which the thickness can be adjusted as required.

Use of a lightened, cylindrical-section, levelling bar will be required to free the selflevelling product from air bubbles created by high absorption levels of the substrate and to obtain a smooth and perfectly plane surface also when high thicknesses are applied.

Application of a further substrate correction layer must be carried out as soon as the previous layer is ready for foot traffic ( 2 - 4 hours at +23 °C / 50% R.H.), by laying Tuffex GT a professional, single-component, water-base adhesion promoter, following the instructions for use.

After this interval it is necessary to wait 5-7 days, depending on the thickness created and then apply Tuffex GT , after which the subsequent applications may be carried out. In the case of low temperatures and high humidity.

It is advisable to keep the environment ventilated during application and during the hours immediately following application, in order to avoid the formation of condensation on the surface of the self-levelling product during the setting phase. Protect from air currents at actual floor level.

Technical Information

Appearance Grey in colour, Ready- Mixed
Mixing Water 5.6 to 6.4 liters / Bag of 25 Kg EN 12706
Pot Life > 45 Min.
Gel Time (Self-Leveling) > 40 Min.
Temperature Range For Application From +5 °C to +30 °C
Min. Thicknesss > 1mm
Max. Thickness Obtainable < 30 mm
Fool Traffic * 3 Hours

Waiting Time Before Laying :

Ceramic Tiles 12 hours
Parquet 24 hours

Final Characteristics

Adhesion To Concrete After 28 Days ≥ 1.5 MPa EN 13892-8
Resistance To:
Compressive Strength After 24 Hours ≥ 10 Mpa EN 13892-2
Compressive Strength After 7 Days ≥ 25 Mpa EN 13892-2
Compressive Strength After 28 Days ≥ 30 Mpa EN 13892-2

Other Information

Precautions & Limitations

Do not use in outdoor applications, on high flexible substrates subject to thermal expansion, on wet surfaces or substrates subject to moisture rising or which are in continuous contact with water.


1.5 kg/M2 Per mm of thickness


25 Kilogram Poly Bag

Shelf life & storage

6 Months In The Original Packaging In Dry Environment

Health & saftey Precautions

  • During application wear protective clothing, gloves and eye goggles during application. Avoid product to contact eyes and skin
  • Skin Contact: Wash immediately with plenty of clean water, use kerosene or mineral turpentine when the product has dried
  • Eye contact: In the event of eye contact splash plenty of clean water immediately and seek medical advice


Residual traces of Dubond DU Level 30 can be removed from machinery and tools with water before the product has hardened.

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