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Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Mortar

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Dubond’s DU PLAST 20 is single component mortar with fine granulometry that forms a highly protective and fine finish on concrete. The thixotropic polymer based Du Plast 20 has correction range of thicknesses from 1 to 10 mm and has monolithic compactness and dimensional stability.

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Areas of Application

DU Plast 20 is suitable for internal use for high resistance correcting (1mm to 10 mm) of irregular and undulated substrates to be made ready for ceramics, homogeneous tiles, marbles parquet and resilient materials.

Levelling of uneven walls made of concrete or cementitious plaster in interiors or exterirors

Smoothing of Substrates Consisting of Concrete, Stone, Brick, Cement Blocks or Cementitious Plaster of Adequatemechanical Strength, in Interiors/Exteriors for Improved Adhesion.

Reinforced Plaster for Consolidating Unsound Masonry improved Bonding to Smooth Substrates with Low Absorbency

Compensates Shrinkage

High Durability to Aggresive Substrates such as Sulphates and Chlorides

It is Impermeable to Rains and has Calibrated Shrinkage

The Fluidifying Agents Reduces Water/Cement Ratio while Interstitial Crystallizing Agent Provide

Stable Chemical Structure that is Resistant to Carbonation, Nitrates, Sulphates and Chloride Attracts.

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