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DU Poxy

High Performance Epoxy Grout

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DUBOND'S DUPOXY is a stage of GROUTING material of highest quality that provides asethetic effect and durability. It perfectly prevents stains,spillage,chemical attack in filled groove thicknesses of tiles,stones. Dupoxy is thixotropic two part epoxy based formulation having excellent resistance to wear and European choice special sheen affect which makes it a darling choice of consutant fraternity.

Part A consists of mixture of epoxy resin,siliceous aggregates and additives.

Part B consists of mixture of organic catalysts.

The advantage of two part epoxy grout system of DUPOXY is its high user friendliness that is i.e.the filling of this GEL filler in the grout is easier than all the distantly following equivalent products. It has a matt finish with an ingredient that provides crystalline sheen affect with ease of clean ability.

It is suited for residential and commercial installations 1ncluding those with total hygiene control, damp and wet environments.

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Areas of Application

Fixing Ceramic Tiles of All Types to Difficult Substrates or Ones Liable to Considerably Warp

Fixing Natural Stone Sensitive to Humidity, Composite Marble

For Fixing Vitreous Mosaic

Fixing Ceramic Tiles to Kitchen Surfaces or Work Tops, to Wood, Glass or Iron Surfaces

Laying on Heating Screeds.

Features & Benefits


Elastic Organic Mineral Adhesive for High-performance and High-adhesion

Laying With No Vertical Slip on Deform able Substrates

Easy and Light to Spread

Method of Application

Preparation of substrates

Substrates must be compact and consistent, free from dust, oil and grease, free from any rising damp, with no loose, flaky, or imperfectly anchored parts. The substrate must be stable, without cracks and have already completed the curing period of hygrometric shrinkage. Undulated areas must be corrected with suitable smoothing and finishing products.


DU PU Flex is prepared by mixing together parts A and B from the bottom upwards, using a low- rev (400/min.) helicoidal agitator, respecting the preset ratio of 7.5 kg : 2.5 Kg of the packs. Pour part B into the bucket containing part A, being careful to mix the two parts uniformly until a smooth, even coloured mixture is obtained. The user must mix a quantity of adhesive which can be consumed within 1 hour at +23°C / 50% R.H. Packs of DU PU Flex must be stored at a temperature of ≈ +20°C for at least 2/3 days prior to use.


For normal use, the product can be applied with a suitable serrated trowel (serrations of not more than 7 mm with DU PU Flex). The open time is about 1 hour, while the mixture remains creamy and thoroughly workable for 5 hours. If possible, it is therefore best to apply the product immediately to a surface that will be clad within the useful open time. Press the tile down to make sure that it contacts the adhesive in a sufficient way. In environments subjected to heavy traffic, in external applications and wherever high-elasticity laying system is required, use the double-spread technique to ensure 100% application of the product to the rear of the tiles.

Technical Information

Appearance Part A white paste / part B straw-colored liquid
Mixing ratio Part A :Part B = 7.5 kg :2.5 kg
Viscosity of the mixture 54000 mpa.s, rotor 92 rpm 4 - brookedfield method
Pot life ≥ 1 h
Temperature range for application from + 100c to 450c
Open time ≥ 1 hour - EN 1346
Adjustability ≥ 1 h
Slip ≤ 0.5 mm - EN 1308
Foot traffic 24 hours
Grouting 12 hour on walls / 24 hours on flooring
Interval before normal use 3 days

Final Characteristics

Shear adhesion after 7 days ≥ 5 Mpa       EN 12003

Durability Test

Shear adhesion after
Immersion Into water ≥ 5 Mpa       EN 12003
Shear adhesion after therarnal shock ≥ 3.5 Mpa       EN 12003
Adhesion to concrete after 7 days ≥ 2.5 Mpa (concrete failure)       EN 1348
Ultimate elongation 30%
Working temperature From - 400C to + 1100C
Conformity R2T       EN 12004

Other Information


  • Do not use In contact with polystyrene or on substrates which are not perfectly dry and subjected to moisture rising use at temperatures between +10 °C and +30 °C
  • Use packs which have been stored for 2/3 days before use at +20 °C strictly
  • keep to the mixing ratio of 700 gms : 500 gms
  • For partial mixing, weigh the two parts precisely workability times may vary considerably, depending on environmental conditions and the temperature of the tiles
  • Protect against direct rain for at least 12 hours
  • Protect from frost avoid direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat
  • Do not lay on substrates subject to moisture rising or which are not completely dry


This shall depend on the nature and flatness of the surface and the method of application, but at 1mm thickness it is 2 approximately 2 – 4 Kg / M for the unit which consist of Part A 7.5 Kg and part B 2.5 Kg with a suitable serrated trowel ( serrations of not more than 7mm ) . For good coverage, it is vitally important that all surfaces should be clean, smooth, plumb, level and free from defects and undulations.


7.5 Kgs base bucket & 2.5 Kgs, 10 Kgs hardener bottle


12 months in the original packaging.


Always use protective gloves and eyewear both during mixing and during application avoid any contact with the skin. Use in a well-ventilated environment

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