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Du Pu Flex

High Performance Polyurethane Flexible Adhesive

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DU PU Flex is a professional, superior-technology, two-part polyurethane system with high elasticity and anti skid property, suitable for high-resistance laying on flooring and wall of homogeneous and ceramic tiles, glass mosaic, large-size tiles, humidity sensitive marble and natural stone, on deformable and also non-absorbent substrates, wood and derivatives. The DU PU Flex technology ensures superior - performance adhesion for laying ceramic tiles and natural stone on porous surfaces such glass or metal. DU PU Flex provides balanced thixotropy and superior-performance elasticity ensured by the use of stabilized polyurethane resins and micronised, pure mineral fillers, for rapid and secure laying operations on high deformable and highexpansion substrates.

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Areas of Application

Fixing ceramic tiles of all types to difficult substrates or ones liable to considerably warp.

Fixing natural stone sensitive to humidity, composite marble.

For fixing vitreous mosaic.

Fixing ceramic tiles to kitchen surfaces or work tops, to wood, glass or iron surfaces Laying on heating screeds.

Features & Benefits


Elastic organic mineral adhesive for high-performance and high-adhesion

Laying with no vertical slip on deformable substrates

Easy and light to spread

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