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Emulsified Modified Release Agent

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Duplast MRO is a concentrated emulsified chemical mould, release oily liquid. It is pale amber liquid carefully blended combination of refined emulsified mineral oil and chemical release agents. It is used for easy – stain free release of concrete moulds and formwork of all types. It has an outstanding releasing properties and advantages over conventional oil. It may react with the alkali in the concrete to form a thin water repellent skin on the surface of the mould which enables easy strapping from the hardened concrete.

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Metal Surfaces, particularly effective on resinous coated surface

Can be used safely with white cement

Advantage and Benefits

Ready to use

Non-staining concrete surfaces

Suitable for all types of form works/moulds

Fast and easy – strapping

Increased life of form work

Reduces concrete contamination

Gives fair- faced concrete finish

Economical and easy to use

Cost – effective for storage and transportation

Method of Use

First dilute Duplast MRO in the proportion of 1litre to 5litre of water using a clean container on stirring thoroughly until evenly mixed. If the solution is not used on the same day it should be stirred again before use. Apply the solution to the face of the formwork by spray brush or cloth, only one coat should be applied (as thinly as possible) and allow it to dry. If the form worm work is not used for several days then only, apply a further coat.

Technical Information

Form Liquid
Color Pale amber
Dilution Rate 1:5 with water
Specific Gravity 0.85 ± 0.02 at 27º C

Other Information


18 to 20 m² per litre is possible depending upon the porosity and texture of surface.

Ensure good ventilation and do not smoke during use. Its Flash point is 60°C.

Storage Life

Duplast MRO has a storage life of 1 year, if stored under 50°C in unopened condition.

Diluted product should be used within 5 days.

Health and Safety

  • Duplast MRO is an industrial chemicals and inflammable.
  • Proper care should be taken.
  • Use rubber gloves and goggles when handling.
  • Skin contact should be avoided.

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