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Duplast MRW

Ready To Use Chemical Shutter Release Agent

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Duplast MRW is a ready to use shutter releasing agent with non staining properties for any type of form work. It is a mixing of special chemicals and minerals having good release properties for any type of formwork. It is used for achieving fair faced concrete.

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Can be used safely with white cement.

Suitable for use with steam cured concrete

It is effective on both wood, metal shutter and mould

Can be used safely with white cement because of non staining property

Advantage and Benefits

Ready to use

Non-staining concrete surfaces

Suitable for all types of form works/moulds

Fast and easy – strapping

Increased life of form work

Reduces concrete contamination

Gives fair- faced concrete finish

Economical and easy to use

Cost – effective for storage and transportation

Method of Use

No preparation is necessary but if extensive reuse of timber mould. It is advisable to protect all new surfaces with Duplast MRW. For used mould all excess cement must be removed together with any surface deposits of previous oil. Duplast MRW should be applied by brush sponge or mould oil sprayer. If a sprayer is used, care should be taken to choose correct size of sprayer. Apply one thin coat on entire surface thinnest coating necessary to achieve effective coverage. Excessive application may lead to surface dusting and uneconomical too. Wipe or brush off any excess particles on the surface and apply one coat of Duplast MRW before to remove. Duplast MRW completely for recoating mould or shutter surface. Use strong industrial detergent together with stiff brushing then thoroughly rinse with water.

Technical Information

Form Liquid
Color Pale amber
Specific Gravity 0.83 ± 0.02 at 30º C

Other Information


30 to 50 m² per litre is possible depending upon the porosity and texture of surface.

Ensure good ventilation and do not smoke during use. Its Flash point is 60°C.

Storage Life

Duplast MRW has a storage life of 1 year and should be stored in manufacturer sealed container in frost free condition out of direct sunlight.

Health and Safety

  • Duplast MRW is not a health hazardous product.
  • Use gloves when handling.
  • Remove splashes on the skin with soap and water.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. Accidental contamination should be washed thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical treatment.

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