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Dubond’s Duplast NP is a normal plasticizer , a ready-to-use, liquid admixture used for making more uniform and predictable quality concrete. Recommended from M 15 Grade of Concrete to M 25 grade of concrete.

Dubond's Duplast NP (Normal Plasticizer) is based on processed a Sulphonated Naphthalene Polymer based formulation and is supplied as a brown liquid. Generally cement particles tend to clump together and Duplast NP works by improving the dispersion of agglomerates within in the concrete mix which ensures that cement is used more efficiently. Duplast NP is low cost water reducer which can be used to get one or combination of benefits. It may be used with all types of OPC and high alumina cements.

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Light Weight concrete

Pervious Concrete

Precast concrete

Pumped concrete

Ready-mixed concrete


Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC)

Shotcrete ( Guiniting )

Advantage and Benefits

Better Compaction and Finishing by acting as Viscosity Modifier

Breaks the Salinity of Water by converting them into Salt Crystals

Chloride free

Easier Placing

Higher Cohesion

Increases Extra Bonding Strength

Increases Work ability

Lower water requirement for given Work ability

Lowers cement content for increase in specified Strength, Workability & Durability

Reduce risk of Honey Combing

Reduce risk of Segregation and Bleeding

Reduce risk of Shrinkage Cracks due to Heat of Hydration

Reduces the risk of Rusting of reinforcement by breaking the chain of Rust Electrons

Typical Properties

Duplast NP is formulated to meet

ASTM - C – 494 / C - 494 M requirements.

Water Reducing Admixture for concrete complies to BS – 5075 : 1982 Part 1

IS - 9103 : 1999 and ASTM - C - 494 Type A & D.

Type A Water - Reducing

Type B Retarding

Type D Water - Reducing & Retarding Admixtures.

Direction for use

Duplast NP is a ready-to-use liquid which is dispensed into the concrete together with the mixing water. The plasticising effect and water reduction are higher if the admixture is added to the damp concrete after 50% to 70% of the mixing water has been added.


Duplast NP admixture is recommended for use at a dosage of 150ml to 250ml / 50 kg) of cementitious materials for Type A applications and up to 350 ml / 50 kg) for Type B and D requirements. Because of variations in atmospheric conditions, job conditions and concrete materials, dosages other than the recommended amounts may be required. In such cases, contact your local sales representative.

The correct quantity of Duplast NP should be measured with recommended dispenser and should be thoroughly dispersed with approx. 25 % of the recommended water content (based on mix design by weight) Mix concrete constituents along with balance approx. 75 % of the recommended water content (based on mix design by weight) for 3 minutes. As soon as step 2 is over, the admixture dispersed in water (as in step-1) is to be added to the wet concrete and mix it further for 2-3 minutes to get a homogeneous mix.


Duplast NP admixture may be used in combination with any Dubond admixture. When used in conjunction with other admixtures, each admixture must be dispensed separately into the mix. It is also compatible with slag and pozzolans such as fly ash, metakaolin and silica fume.


Dubond Duplast NP(Normal Plasticizer) shall neither initiate nor promote corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete.

Safety precautions

As with all chemical products, care should be taken during use and storage to avoid contact with eyes, mouth, skin and foodstuffs (which can also be tainted with vapour until product fully cured or dried).

Technical Information

Colour Dark Brown
Chloride Content Nil as per IS:456 BS-5075 Part 1
pH 7 to 9
Specific Gravity 1.20 + 0.02 @ 25 C

Other Information


Duplast NP is supplied in 5kg, 20kg, 100 & 200kg drums (in bulk on request.)

Shelf Life

Duplast NP has a minimum shelf life of 6 to 12 months. Depending on storage conditions, the shelf life may be greater than stated below 40˚C. Please contact your local sales representative regarding suitability for use and dosage recommendations if the shelf life of Duplast NP admixture has been exceeded.

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