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DUPLAST SP is a powerful super plasticizer dispersing agent based on modified sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde condensate. It provides very high water reduction.

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Precast and Pre-stressed concrete

Floor slab and Girders


Wall, column, beam and ceiling

Pump concrete and mass concrete

Congested reinforcement concrete

Lowers water cement ratio

Ready mix concrete

Advantage and Benifits

Imparts extreme fluidity

Allows water reduction (20- 30%)

Higher early and ultimate strength

Rapid placing with no vibration

Improves surface finish, cohesion

Reduces shrinkage and cracks

Chloride free

Produce denser and more durable concrete giving better protection to steel against corrosion

Flow able concrete

Method of Use

DUPLAST SP is a ready use admixture which is dispensed into the concrete together with the mixing /gauging water. The dosage rate is 300ml to 900ml per 50kg of cement bag. Optimum dosage should be determined by site trials.

Technical Information

Form Liquid
Color Brown
Chlorine Content Nil
pH Min 6
Air entraining 1% additional air
Spec. Gravity 1.23 ± 0.02

Other Information

Typical Properties

ASTM C – 494 “TYPE F”
Complies with BS 5075 Part 3
IS 9103 – 1979


300ml to 900ml per 50kg of cement bag. Optimum dosage should be determined by site trials.


  • DUPLAST SP is compatible with all type of cement. E.g. OPC,PPC,PSC etc.
  • DUPLAST SP is compatible with all air entraining agent which complies with IS 9103-2003 and integral waterproofing compound which complies with IS 2645-1978. If other admixtures are be used in concrete containing DUPLAST SP, they must be dispensed separately.


DUPLAST SP is supplied in 100kg, 250kg drums. (in Bulk on request )

Shelf Life

DUPLAST SP has shelf life of one year in manufactures unopened containers protect from frost & direct sunlight.

Surface Preparation

As with all chemical products, care should be taken during use and storage to avoid contact with eyes, mouth, skin and foodstuffs (which can also be tainted with vapour until product is fully cured or dried).

  • Do not reuse containers for storage of consumable item.
  • Duplast SP is not a fire or health hazard.
  • If accidentally ingested, seek immediate medical attention.
  • Treat splashes to eyes and skin immediately.
  • Keep away from children and animals.
  • Reseal containers after use.

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