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Duplast WRH

High Range Water-Reducing Concrete Admixture

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Dubond Duplast WRH is a high range of water reducing cum plasticizing concrete admixture for promoting accelerated hardening and obtaining free flowing concrete specially for precast applications.

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It has efficient dispersion and distribution of cement, additives and pigments

Improved movement of concrete through the machine

No adverse effect on ultimate strength

Sufficient water reduction

Improved water tightness

More economic concrete mix designs

Accelerated hardening & High early strength

Improved surface finish

Areas of Application

Pre-stressed & Pre-cast concrete elements

Block Paving (Grey/Coloured)

Cement Tiles (Grey/Coloured)

Paving Flags

Edgings and other items for garden and landscape design

Building blocks & Bricks


  • Duplast WRH can be added into the water or directly into the concrete mixer after 50 – 70% of the mixing water has been added
  • The addition of Duplast WRH to dry aggregate/cement is not recommended
  • To achieve optimum performance in a minimum wet mixing time, which is depending on the mixing conditions and the mixer performance, of 60 seconds is recommended
  • By use of Duplast WRH to produce highest quality of concrete
  • Fresh concrete must be cured as per the relevant standard
  • The standard rules of good concreting practice, concerning production, placing and testing are to be followed
  • Clean all the tools and application equipment with water immediately after the use
  • Hardened / cured material can only be mechanically removed

Technical Information

Appearance / Colour Hazy white to yellowish liquid
Chemical Base Modified Polycarboxylate
Relative Density ~1.03 kg/l at 30°C
pH Value ≥ 6
Dosage 0.5 - 3.0% by weight of cement

Other Information


20kg, 200kg & 1000kg

Shelf Life

12 months from date of manufacturing if stored properly in dry conditions at temperatures between +10°C and +40°C.

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