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Floor Shine

Neutral Cleaner For Floors

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Dubond’s Floor Shine is a neutral cleaner for the maintenance of any kind of floor made of marble, granite, ceramic, etc. Its neutral pH formulation allows a general use on every washable surface. Floor shine contributes in increasing the resistance of the treatment to pedestrian traffic. Ideally suitable as a general purpose cleaner. It is very much safe and less reactive compared to other cleaners based on Hydrochloric acid especially on marble surfaces. Designed for everyday maintenance of tiles, marbles, natural stones, etc. Ideal for regular maintenance of heavily trafficked areas such as shopping malls, hotels, etc.

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Areas of Application

Suitable for Flooring Made With Glazed Floor Tiles and Unglazed Floor Tiles

Flooring of Quarry , Stone, Slate , Brick , Marble, Terrazzo and Terracotta

Features & Benefits

Contributes in Increasing the Resistance of the Treatment

Designed for Everyday Maintenance

General Purpose Cleaner

Much Safe and Less Reactive Compared to Other Cleaners Based on Hydrochloric Acid

It Can Be Diluted Up to 10 Times

Method of Application

Always Test on a Small Area for the Suitability of Floor Shine on Different Background Surfaces

Liberally Apply the Floor Shine to the Area to be Cleaned

Using a Stiff Bristled Brush or a Scouring Pad, Thoroughly Scrub the Area Treated With the Floor Shine

Mop Up the Area Treated and Rinse Well With Water Until All Traces of the Solution Have Been Removed

For Daily Maintenance of the Tiles, Dubond’s Floor Shine Can Be Diluted Up to 10 Times


Soiled Areas May Require Subsequent Applications of Floor Shine Tile Cleaner

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