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Hydro Lastik
Strip 160

High Performance Glass Fiber Mesh Strip for Joints

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Hydro Lastik Strip 160 ( Fiberglass Tape ) is a ready-to-use, thin, strong yet flexible alkali-resistant mesh for embedment with waterproofing and crack-isolation membrane on residential and commercial floor joints & corners. HydroLastik Strip 160 reinforces and improves the performance of Hydrobuild’s waterproofing products when applied over cracks, coves and corners and around drains on residential and commercial applications. It has excellent compatibility with all cement- or epoxy-based mortars.

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Areas of Application

Indoor & Outdoor waterproofing treatment of the corners between walls & floors

Between Adjacent walls and for dividing joints

Used in screeds waterproofed with Hydrobuild waterproofing products

Used as waterproofing treatment of joints in swimming pools

Features & Benefits

Compatible with Dubond’s HydroCrete, HydroCoat, HydroCoat Osmocem, Hydro Gum waterproofing products for complete system protection.


Flexible and Lays Flat

Making it easy to Embed

Fast to Install

Ready to Use

Easy to cut with Scissors or Razor Knife

Method of Application

After having applied a first layer of waterproofing products like HydroCrete, HydroCoat, HydroCoat Osmocem or HydroLastik in an even coat desirable as per the requirment of the waterproofing conditions using the smooth trowel, spray or brush application

Laying of the strip over the first coat of the application done of the joints and corners, positioning it in the vertical or horizontal directions and overlapping the joints by at least 10 cm

Add HydroLastik strip 160 sloping at 45° on a level with windows and door openings

To improve the ability of the finish to withstand impact, it is also advisable to use two layers of HydroLastik strip 160 in the corners where impact is liable to occur

Technical Information

Appreance Glass Fibers
Colour White
Application Temperature Composition Temprature from - 200C to +450C 100 % fiber glass netting with 4 x 5 mm mesh width
Width 16 Centimeter
Width of rubber part 07 Centimeter
Weave Leno

Final Characteristics

Shear Adhesion After 7 days ≥ 3.5 MPa      EN 1324
Tensile Adhesion On Concrete
After 28 Days ≥ 2 MPa       EN 1348
Durability Test :
Adhesion After Heat Action ≥ 3.5 MPa      EN 1324
Adhesion After Immersion Into Water ≥ 0.5 MPa       EN 1324
Adhesion After High Temperature ≥ 3.5 MPa       EN 1324
Working Temperature From - 300C to + 900C
Conformity D2TE       EN 12004

Other Information


Do not use HydroLastik strip 160 over any expansion joint or control joints


Avaliable in 25 meters rolls. Also available in squares


2 years when stored in original unopened container, store in a cool dry place.

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