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DUBOND'S HYDRO PRIME is water based synthetic resin micro emulsion in aqueous dispersion concentrated surface insulation priming product that reduces and regulates the absorption of water in highly porous substrates. It is characterized by high penetration on porous substrates such as cementitious, anhydrite screeds, gypsumbased plaster, plasterboard, etc. Professional, superior technology, concentrated water based surface insulation product which netrulizes the expansive chemical reaction of anhydrite screeds, gypsum-based plaster on contact with cement based adhesive, stabilizes the surface consistency by supressing the dust.
Hydroprime does not produces the fumes that may be harmful to humans or to the environment, Hence it can be safely used with no contradictions in internal environments. The technology ensures excellent workability in all conditions, thanks to the wide water range, depending on the specific characteristics of the substrate.

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Areas of Application

Basements (where hydrostatic pressure exists)


Swimming Pools

Tanks & Reservoirs

Retaining Walls

Terrace Slabs

Features & Benefits

Does not Produces the Fumes

Netrulizes the Expansive Chemical Reaction

Superior Technology

Surface Insulation Priming Product that Reduces and Regulates the Absorption of Water in Highly

Porous Substrates

Water Based Synthetic Resin Micro Emulsion in Aqueous Dispersion

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