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Solvent Based Oligomeric Siloxane Water Repellent Product

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DUBOND’S HYDROSHIELD S is a silicone concentrate that is based on silane/siloxane. It is colorless, hence maintains natural color of the substrate. Dilute solutions of HYDROSHIELD S in organic solvents serve as high-quality general purpose water repellents for impregnating and priming mineral and highly alkaline substrates. After application, HYDROSHIELD S reacts with the atmospheric moisture or pure water in the substrate, there by generating the active ingredient and liberating acetate. The active ingredient greatly lowers the water absorbency of the substrate. Since neither pores nor capillaries are clogged, the substrate retains a Damage to facade is always due to moisture, rain and surface water.
Salt water damage occurs in porous building materials, only when moisture is present. The sources of salivation are deicing salts, rising dampness and reaction between the binder used in facade materials and paints. In addition to that, building materials have an inherent salt content. The moisture transports this salts to the surface of the substrate where it crystallization out. Salts are not only deposits on the surface but it cause the hydration and crystallization pressure. This builts up finally led to embrittlement and crumbling away of the surface. Acid rain i.e. sulphuric acid is by product in the form of sulphur dioxide by burning of industrial fuels, bound to particle of dust and droplets of water, is the primary cause for corrosion. Sulphuric acid reacts with the carbonates, the binder in mortars, lime washes, concrete, stones etc.

Attack by moss and micro-organisms such as fungi and algae which are consequence of protected wetting of facade surfaces. The above mentioned facade damages can be diminished by impregnation with water repellant agents. The main aim of this is to form “hydrophobic” or dry zone on surface. The dry zone are not ideal for biotopes mosses, fungi, algae. The silicon molecules of Hydro shield do not clog the pores and so the surface retains its permeability to water vapour and “breathes”. Therefore treated buildings do not suffer from condensation damage. Buildings treated with Hydro shield may absorb very little water and can release it again readily in dryer conditions.

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Areas of Application

Hydro Shield S is Recommended for a “Hydrophobisation” (Water Repellency) of Facades

Impregnation of Highly Alkaline Substrates, pH value up to 14

Performs Well on Low Absorbent Substrates (Less Porous)

Concrete Rendering e.g. Bridges, New/ Old

Clinker Brickwork. (Weakly Absorbent)

Pre Fabricated Components

Absorbent Mineral

Alkaline Substrates

Natural Stone

Brick Concrete

Sand Lime Brick

Aerated Concrete

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Mineral Fiber Materials

Features & Benefits

Solvent with Silicone Concentrate

Ready to Use

Easily Applicable by Brush, Spray or Roller

Impermeable. Prevents Penetration of Water and Moisture through the Surface

It aids in Retaining the Heat Insulation Properties of the Wall Because loss of Heat through the wet Brick is 1 ½ times Greater than when it is Dry

It Protects the Surface from Attack of Salty and Acidified Atmosphere. It prevents from Formation of Efflorescence

It Prevents the Surface Damage from Water and Frost Attack. “Microporous”. Allows the Substrate to Breathe (Good Water Permeability)

Prevents the Growth of Microorganisms such as Fungi and Algae

Their low Viscosity and Surface Tension Enable them to Penetrate Deeply in the Material Excellent Resistance to UV Rays and Weathering Conditions

It Performs well in a Temperature Ranging from -20˚C to 50˚C. It performs well on alkaline substrates Good penetration capacity

High alkaline resistance

Tack free drying

Effective even on damp substrates

Water repellency develops fast


Visible cracks must be sealed by Du Flex PS 600, polysulphide, or polyurethane sealant and primer. This sealants are not attacked by the repellent Hydro shield. Brush application is the simplest method Flat brushes or rollers can be used for application, while solution is applied, as the success or failure of such treatment depends on this factor.

Surface penetration is most important step before application to get best results and avoid failure

The surface must be free from any loose materials, crumbling powdery encrusted walls, fungus, moss, oil, grease and mould release agents

Clean the surface using scrappers and wire brushes

Then clean the walls with high pressure water, wait for 2 days for the surface to dry

The walls must be dry before the application

Use of acidic and alkaline chemicals, detergents, cationic surfactants should be avoided

It is advisable to wait for 28 days for curing the fresh masonary / new concrete

Technical Information

Nature Single Component
Color Colourless
Viscosity of flow cup B4 at 30o c, seconds 13 ± 5
Specific gravity, at 30o c gm/cc 1.3 ± 0.02
pH value 12 - 14
Density at 25oc, approx. (g/cm3) 1.05
Viscosity at 25oc, approx. (mm2/s) 20
Flash point, approx. 38o c
Dilution Ratio Ready to use
Intercoat Period Immediate wet on wet
Water repellency Excellent
Breathing Efficiency Min 70%
UV Resistance & weather durability Excellent
Efflorscence Resistance Excellent

Other Information


HYDRO SHIELD S is also suitable as primer for exterior paints. It is NOT suitable for rendering gypsum water repellent


HYDRO SHIELD S covers approx. 3 to 4 M / liter. Minimum 2 coats are recommended (Depends on the porosity of substrate)


1ltr, 5 ltr, 10 ltr, & 20 ltr container


HYDRO SHIELD S has a Shelf Life of at Least 12 Months, if Stores in Tightly Closed Original Containers Between 0°C and 30°C the Containers Must be Protected Against Direct Sunlight. The “Best use before end” date of each lot is shown on the Product Label.


HYDRO SHIELD S is a Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable. Avoid Contact with Skin and Eyes, Incase of Contact with Eyes or Skin, Wash Thoroughly with Plenty of Water and Contact Doctor

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