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Dubond's Pinnacle is a hi-tech single part adhesive with superior levels of adhesion and deformability. it isa high performance dry set adhesive for use with water or latex for installing ceramic tiles, marble ,stone, any kind of non porous or vitreous tiles or synthetic stone. use with tuffex ad for high performance for interior and exterior laying and over laying of sites. It has a special function that works specifically to counter conditions such as external pressures on cladding tiles of the skyscrapers and large format tiles with overlaying on existing floors. it is a secure professional method of laying for it has high deformability up to 10 mm thickness.

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Areas of Application

Fixing Absorent Floor And Wall Tiles Outdoors And Indoors. The Tiles Can Be Made Of : Cotta, Double- Fired, Single Fired Ceramic

Fixing Natural Stone And Marble, So Long As They Are Not Affected By Water

Fixing On Heating Floors

Fixing Poorly Absorbent Or Non-absorbent Materials Such As Single-fired Tiles, Refined Porcelain Stoneware And Vitrified Tiles

Spot-gluing Insulating Panels Made Of Polystyrene, Polyurethane Foam, Rock Or Glass Wool

Suitable For Fixing Tiles: On Top Of Old Ceramic Tiles Or On Facades

Very Good For Large Format Paving Slabs

Features & Benefits


High-Performance Laying, Ideal for use in Industrial and Commercial Applications Mineral Adhesive for High Adhesion

Pinnacle Contains Recycled Raw Materials

Pinnacle Develops an Extended Open and Adjustability Time Meaning Even Highly

Porous Tiles Can be Quickly and Safely Laid on Very Absorbent Substrates

Thicknesses Up To 10mm

Method of Application

In general, cement-based substrates must be free from dust, oil and grease, dry and free from any rising damp, with no loose, flaky or imperfectly anchored parts such as residual traces of cement, lime and paint, which must be totally removed. The substrate must be stable and without cracks, must have already completed curing hygrometric shrinkage and must present suitable mechanical resistance levels. Undulated areas must be corrected with suitable smoothing and finishing products.


  • Prepare Pinnacle in a clean container, first of all pouring in a quantity of water equal to approximately . of that which will be required
  • Gradually add Pinnacle to the water in the container, mixing the paste from the bottom upwards with a low-rev ( 400 RPM /min.) helicoidal agitator. Then add more water until the desired consistency is obtained, the mixture must be homogeneous and without any lumps. For best results and to mix larger quantities of adhesive, a stirring device with vertical blades and slow rotation is recommended
  • Always use appropriate size of trowell with respect to the tile size and the density of the tile
  • Spread the adhesive over a surface area which will allow for laying of the surface materials within the indicated open time and check for suitability of the adhesive at regular intervals, the open time may vary considerably during the same operation, depending on various factors such as exposure to sunlight, air currents, absorbency of the substrate, temperature and relative humidity of the atmosphere
  • Press down each tile to allow for complete, uniform contact with the adhesive. In the case of laying in environments subject to heavy traffic or in outdoor locations, the double-spread technique must be used, to ensure 100% coverage of the rear of the tiles

Technical Information

Colour Grey & White
Mixing Ration 5.6 to 6.4 Ltrs/ Bag 20 Kg Pristine
Pot Life ≥ 4 Hours
Open Time ≥ 30 Minutes
Adjustability ≥ 45 Minutes
Bed Thickness 3mm to 10mm
Foot Traffic 24 Hours
Grouting 8 Hours on wall / 24 hours on floor

Durability Test

Adhesion After Heat Agening ≥ 2.5MPa ANSI A-1 18.1 ANSI A-1 18.1
Adhesion After Water Immersion ≥ 1MPa EN 1348 EN 1348
Adhesion After Freeze Thaw Cycles ≥ 2.5MPa ANSI A-1 EN 1348 ANSI A-1 18.1
Working Temperature From 30°C to 80°C
Conformity C2 TE EN 12004 EN 12004

Other Information

Precautions & Limitations

Do not use on gypsum-base plasters and anhydrite screeds without the use of HydroPrime professional concentrated, waterbase, surface insulation product

  • On heat-radiant slabs
  • High flexible substrates
  • On plastic or resilient materials
  • On wet surfaces or substrates subject to moisture rising
  • Metals and wood
  • Do not use the adhesive to correct substrate irregularities greater than 10 mm
  • Lay and press tiles onto fresh adhesive, making sure it has not formed a surface film
  • Protect against direct rain and freezing for at least 24 hours
  • The temperature, ventilation and absorption of the substrate and covering materials may vary the adhesive workability and setting times
  • Use a toothed spreader suitable for the format of the tiles
  • Use the double-spread technique for all outdoor laying


Approximately 55 to 60 sqft for 20 kgs bag with 6mm x 6mm square notch trowel for a bed thickness of 3 mm


20 Kg Bag

Shelf life & storage

12 months with original packing in dry storage condition.

Health & Saftey Precautions

Use Gloves. Non Toxic.

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