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Acrylic Elastomeric Exterior Waterproofing Coating

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Dubond's Rainshield is composed of high quality acrylic emulsion polymer, light fast & weather durable pigments, properly selected & graded fine fillers, additives & biocides. It is used as a waterproofing & protective coating for exterior walls of the buildings.

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Areas of Application

All Types of Exterior Masonry Surfaces, Concrete, Cement Sand Renderings, Etc

Applicable on Asbestos Sheets

Features & Benefits

Higher Film Thickness Provides Crack Bridging Ability, Waterproofing Properties

Flexible and Covers Hairline Cracks (Upto 0.5 Mm) Effectively, Thus Prevents Ingress of Water

Tough Film Withstands Wind Driven Rain

High Elasticity Easily Withstands Stress Caused by Thermal Expansion & Contraction

No Dilution is Required

Resistance to Fungus and Algae Hence Maintains the Aesthetic Value

Resistance to Uv Hence Coating Has Longer Life

Very Low Dirt Pick Up & Can Be Cleaned Easily Hence Maintains the Aesthetics

Permeable to Water Vapour

User Friendly, Easily Applicable by Brush, Roller or Spray

It Is Eco Friendly

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